Writing A Resume

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Okay, writing a resume may not have much to do with hair, however it does have to do with how you project yourself to the world and future employers. In addition if you get yourself a better job, perhaps you’ll be forced to pay more attention to your hair and how you look at your new job. So, in a twisted pathway it does affect your hair. 

Just to be clear, i’m not a scholar by any means. I’m just an overly attentive cynic that picks up on little things that are extremely unnecessary. I’ve seen a fair amount of resumes from co-workers, employees, and friends. Some good, a lot bad. This is just a list of vague tips that may help you build a solid resume.
  • Before you start make sure you’re writing in black. Once you’ve confirmed the font color is black…. Leave it black! This is not a pretty resume contest. It doesn’t matter what profession you are going into, they will always prefer black. If you think a brighter color will make your resume stand out, it will. It will be the brightest, most colorful piece of paper in the trash bin.
  • Next, a cover letter will always make any resume more professional. Even if you are applying to a retail job that you couldn’t care less about, it makes you look like you care a little more. If you’re unsure of what a cover letter is, www.cover-letter-now.com can help you.
  • The heading should include: name, address, current phone number, and e-mail address.
  • Put the date somewhere so it looks like you wrote it that day especially for them. People like feeling special.
  • If you feel the need to put characteristics on your resume, make them distinguishable. Everyone is “easy going” and “excellent at multitasking”  Use some words that they may not hear in everyday conversation.
  • Don’t abbreviate, spell words out. No jokes, save those for the interview. Explain things concisely and  specifically, don’t assume someone knows what you’re saying, even if they do.
  • When listing previous jobs, try to keep it between two and four of the most relevant jobs. If you want to work on cars, no one is going to care about you’re time spent at Arby’s.
  • If you need more industry experience, make a job up. Businesses close all the time. Write down that the place closed down after you left for bigger and better opportunities, then they cannot contact them. 
  • For references choose a boss, a co worker, and someone you were in charge of. Unless you’re writing a resume for a government job no-one is going to contact them. And if you are applying for a government job, you definitely should’t be taking advice from me.
Happy writing,