Boulder Hair Salons Senior and Master Stylists

Many Boulder hair salons offer different levels of pricing based on the experience of the stylists, which is often categorized as junior, senior and master stylists. Master stylists need years of experience and training, and they often serve in leadership roles in salons. Senior stylists have more experience than the junior ones, (which are usually right out of beauty school), and offer creative and innovative ideas as they are typically on fire for their work.

Boulder Senior Stylist

Senior hair stylists typically fill the middle tier of the stylist hierarchy. These stylists usually spend time, sometimes years, in entry-level junior positions, and have the sustenance to support the salons higher end clientele.  Junior positions will often assist higher-level stylists as their learning more about their craft. When we reach the senior level, little supervision is usually required, and the cost is higher for the customer than those fees charged by junior stylists. In some salons, stylists advance as their customer bases grow. Through out our careers we should always have, and you should ask that, continuing-education is required to keep us fresh and current with the trends of the times.

Boulder Master Stylist

Master stylists are typically the highest-ranking stylists in the salon. They usually help train and mentor junior stylists, helping them move up the ranks to senior stylists. These stylists generally have a large customer base, receive positive comments from existing and new customers, and log regular continuing-education credits. Haircuts and styles by master stylists often are the most expensive in the salon. Their experience helps them use a variety of cutting and styling methods that stylists with less experience might not know.

When it comes down to the bare bones of it, a lot of work goes into the time between being a Junior stylist..all the way up to being a Senior stylist. It really truly is a poetic journey of discovery into what moves us as stylist to produce the works of art that really come from deep within us.

Although not every salon has a certain number of years you must work before becoming a senior or master stylist, the master stylists typically have more years of experience than the senior stylists.  The best way to know is to just ask when you are making your appointment in a new salon! Best of Luck and happy searching, hope this information helped to answer a few questions.