“Appointments are most cherished when remembered”

Please respect a stylist as you would a doctor and give us a heads up if you are unable to make your appointment.
Please try to give a 24 hour notice of cancellation.
Thank you for your understanding.

-Salon Liquid Team-

Loyal Customers

We honor you each and every time you come. We seek to continue growth with you and want to be clear about the energy exchange for a service. We must charge you for all services and refrain from discounts. We will honor your loyalty with special VIP events only for you. Please respect the no-deals policy. We need to meet you in the same frequency as your loyalty and that is with dignity to our livelihood within our craft.


Clear communication is key. We ask for an opportunity to fix the service first. If still not satisfied we ask for a re-balancing of energy, money and time through a 50% refund or the next equal service for free. We welcome growth.

Adjustment to Service

You loved the service and would like to add just a few more highlights or a piece of hair cut differently. You are covered complimentary for up to 3 business days. It is customary to tip the stylist for taking additional time. Product fees for chemical services may apply in certain situations. Please always communicate with your stylist.


Tips are the honoring system of energy given. This replenishes the relationship with honor and abundance in the grandest and gentlest form.

No Shows

Missing an appointment should be compensated within your highest truth and a gesture of monetary exchange. A Stylist waits up to 20 minutes for you to arrive for your appointment and is not allowed to take a walk-in. Please feel into this, accidents do happen and we may refuse the monetary gesture. Please respect a stylist as you would a doctor. 


 We ask you to guide your children to respect our salon: No pumping, twirling or spinning of salon chairs, maintaining appropriate noise levels, and giving our space the same dignity given to any sacred healing space or temple.         


 Please be yourself; laugh, cry, vent, share and most of all know that you are perfect and accepted here in all ways. Please be patient with all that you observe in others, as we all need a sacred container.