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Visit your stylist for healthy, thick hair.

Visit your stylist for healthy, thick hair.

Thinning Hair has to be treated holistically with vitamin therapies and supported topically with salon shampoo and scalp reconditioning systems such as Nioxin. Before taking on any new health care regimens please refer yourself to health care professionals.Here is a list of natural supplements that may assist you in hair regrowth.

In recent years, a handful of enzymes, amino acids, herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals have been identified which help stop hair loss and promote hair growth in both men and women. The powerful result when these vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and herbs are combined has to be seen to believed.
Necessary for hormonal balance
As a woman, your hormones play a huge role in your hair loss. Many of these hormones are regulated by our thyroid. When your thyroid isn’t functioning properly, it manifests as hair loss. For a long time it has been known that improper functioning of the thyroid can create hair loss and hair thinning in women, but what recent research has discovered is that this problem is easily remedied by supplementing with Iodine and Iodide. Worldwide, two billion people are deficient in Iodide, and it is an unfortunate reality that to these people, hair loss is almost always a symptom of that deficiency.

Saw Palmetto

The Natural Minoxidil

When hair loss treatments were originally developed for men, scientists isolated a single hormone as the main cause of male hair loss: DHT. It is a molecule that attacks, shrinks, and kills the hair follicle. Originally thought only to effect men, we now know that DHT does play a role in women’s hair loss, though it is not the only cause. Products like Minoxidil, also known as Rogaine, are routinely recommended by dermatologists and hair dressers to treat hair loss. This is because Minoxidil blocks DHT -but it comes with potential side effects like cardiac lesions, increased hair loss, facial swelling, nausea, headaches and more. We now know Saw Palmetto does everything Minoxidil does naturally.

It drives us insane that people continue to take Minoxidil when this plant extract has been scientifically proven to block DHT naturally and without side effects.

Saw Palmetto is a natural herb that blocks DHT, just like Minoxidil does, but without the side effects. In a recent study, it was shown to reduce DHT by 32%. You’ll see Saw Palmetto as an ingredient in almost every natural hair loss product for one reason: it works. It naturally does exactly what Minoxidil was designed by scientists to do: block DHT.

Proven alopecia-reversing effects
Recently it was discovered that a deficiency of Biotin in the body can cause alopecia (hair loss). Biotin promotes healthy nails and hair. Too much or too little oil on the scalp can inhibit hair growth. Biotin is well known to be able to improve the metabolism of scalp oils making the scalp a safe place for hair to grow. Biotin supplements are readily available over the counter and do not require a prescription. Dragon Fruit is also an excellent source of biotin and hence increased intake may be recommended


An amino acid that makes up 14% of the hair
Human hair is composed of approximately 14% Cysteine. Cysteine is an amino acid that plays a unique in the constuction of our hair. When hair is being built in our follicles, it requires a lot of sulfur. In fact, it is the sulfur in hair that is responsible for the bad smell when hair is burning. Cysteine is important because it contains sulfur molecules in such a way that it can form what we call disulfide bridges, a critical structure of a hair.

Because your body cannot produce Cysteine on your own, it is absolutely critical that you get enough Cysteine in your diet. Cysteine is found in high protein foods such as turkey, broccoli and eggs.


An amino acid that supplies sulfur to hair. Together with Cysteine, Methionine is one of two sulfur-containing proteinogenic amino acids. That means that only Cysteine and Methionine can provide the sulfur your hair needs to grow. And yet what we’re finding more and more is that Cysteine and Methionine both play unique roles in the growth of hair, and both are needed if hair loss is occurring or greater hair thickness is desired.

Like Cysteine, your body does not make methionine on it’s own and it must be obtained from your diet or from supplementation.


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