Have you been afraid to lighten yout hair? Well fear no more! If you havent already, you’ll soon be hearing your stylists talking about the newest miracle of hair science (yes, it is a science). Olaplex is re-paving the boundaries of hair color possibilities. As an additive to the colorants your stylist is already using, Olaplex  eliminates the damaging chemical reaction that occurs during coloring (mainly lightening), allowing for gentle worry free changes to you hair color.

Blonde Olaplex

Now anyone can be a healthy haired blonde.

Olaplex is a service add-on, comprised of a two (and in some cases three) part system. The addition can cost upwards of $30 depending on the amount of Olaplex used, and the salon performing the service. Olaplex No. 1 is added directly to color or lightener to prevent any damage during the coloring process, while No. 2 is applied to the hair after the coloring is complete and rinsed from the hair. Olaplex No. 2 perfects the structure bonds in the hair,  even restructuing damage from any previous chemical service. For this reason, Olaplex No. 2 is a great in salon treatment any time for stressed hair,  even if heat styling rather than chemicals have been your problem.

As mentioned above, there is a third part to the complete hair miracle, Olaplex No. 3. If after your in salon Olaplex service your hair is exposed to thermal and mechanical styling or further chemical treatments without Olaplex, the bonds will continue to break. No. 3 is an optional at home treatment to maintain the integrity and all around perfection of your hair until your next salon visit.

Remember this? Thanks Olaplex!

Remember this? Thanks Olaplex!

Like many other vital inventions such as beer and penicillin, Olaplex was created by accident and just about as soon as it’s possibilities were realized, it was being put to the mega test by the world’s top colorists. The result? Any color you want, on any hair type, with absolutely no breakage.

Hoping you love your hair always,