Keeping Up With Seasonal Trends

KM Trends

Seasonal trends or the word “trend” in general may have a bad connotation in some people’s minds, but seasonal trends are nothing to look down upon. Most people may be a little scared to change their look, however you could find that mixing up your appearance can be quite empowering. All of us pick a magazine or watch t.v. at some point of the week. It is even as simple as just searching the internet for “current trends”. Thousands of matches will come up in seconds. So don’t be afraid jump into a new look.
It’s not just for the fashionable. There was a time when even I thought that that changing your look for the season was just for fancy trendsetters looking to spend endless money every few months. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it could be quite cheap if you know where to shop. Even thrift stores change their inventory for the seasons. You don’t have to replace your whole wardrobe, you could just pick up some new pieces to add to it, or perhaps change up how you you wear them. It could be as simple as getting a bunch of new accessories. Trends always seem to come back around so you may already have some current fashions in the back of your closet.
You don’t have to do every trend out there, just pick one or two to try out. For instance, if you have long, dark brown hair, and short, blonde hair is in. You could go blonde for the season and chose not to go short. Even getting a fresh haircut and styling it differently could change up your look. There are many different hair style trends, short or long, that change every six months or so. If you’re feeling ambitious you could cut your hair shorter, it always grows back. Regardless if you’re making a big change, you are gonna get your hair done anyways. So why not change it up. Just be sure to choose a salon that is up on current trends, like Salon Liquid 🙂
Stepping away from your current look could make it look fresh again when you go back to it. Let’s say you’ve been blonde for 5 years and it looks great on you. Changing your hair to a version of brown for six months will make the blonde look fresh and new when you go back to blonde. The same goes for wearing just jeans or just dresses. Switch it up for the season, try some sun dresses, safari shorts, or whatever may be in style for that season.
Changing your appearance will change your mood. People WILL notice that you are doing something different, and most people will mention it. Everybody likes being noticed and getting compliments. Some people have security issues about their long hair or their sweatshirts, which is fine, but little changes to your appearance could open up your world.  We are all ever changing on the inside, why not let the outside change every once in a while. I’m not saying that following trends will make you a rock star, but i’m also not saying that it wont.
Nothing is permanent you can always go back to your current look. Start small and make smart decisions that suit you and your body type. Look at the mannequins in the stores, look at the magazines and posters in salons, or even the hair of the stylists in the salons. A lot of time and effort goes into those things and they are all based on current trends. The  consequences are minimal and the rewards could be endless, so why not try out some seasonal trends. Who knows, you may find that change suits you.
Happy changes
The Dan