Hair Contouring For a Prettier You


facial contouring hair color and cut

Balancing face-shape with color and cut.


Hair Contouring?

Using makeup to contour your face is so 2014, this year is gonna be all about utilizing the dimensions in your hair’s color and cut to achieve a sculpt in your face. Thanks to Kim Kardashian and the multitude of YouTube makeup artists, practically everyone knows how to contour their faces using makeup, but spending that kind of time and energy on your makeup every morning isn’t always realistic, and then what happens, god forbid, you don’t contour your face on a second or third date, and the person of your interest doesn’t recognize you? This situation might be a little excessive, you but get my point-something as significant as facial contouring should be done every day, or not at all.

So for us mortals that would usually rather opt for an extra half-hour of sleep or taking the time to eat breakfast, having your “contour” built into your hair, is the immediate and impactful solution. Using the angles of a haircut and the play between light and dark in hair color, a narrow chin can be made to look wider, a larger than average fore-head can be minimized and cheek bones can be accentuated and defined.

Bold Bangs Subtle Color

Subtle play between light and dark through a bang can highlight cheek bones. -color and cut by Celia

These hair contouring techniques are easily achievable, in the right hands. You want to be sure your stylist is experienced in both cutting and coloring, or that your colorist and cutter are working in tandem to achieve the correct shape. Creating dimension in color has come a long way from the days of strictly slicing a foil highlight, into a place where many colorists are comfortable free hand painting and placing color in out-of-the-box ways. Customizing hair color for your specific face shape and desired result will require skills beyond those of the cookie-cutter stylist, so a consultation with a colorist before-hand is always recommended.


Hoping your love your hair always,

XO Celia