4 Easy Steps to Finding a New Stylist. Don’t End Up In The Wrong Chair Again.

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A common mistake for someone that is in search of new stylist, is to just simply walk in to a new salon without educating yourself beforehand. Here are a few helpful hints on how to find a new stylist.

Ask a stranger or a friend: ┬áIf you notice a person with a hairstyle that you desire, don’t be shy, ask them where they got it done.This works best when the person you are asking has a similar look/style to yourself. In other words if you are 40+ don’t ask a 16 year old, or if you are a wild free spirit don’t ask a conservative person, etc.
Read some reviews: Once you have the names of a few places check out their reviews. Stick to the more recent ones, staffs change all the time in this business, so older reviews may only apply to older staff.
Check out their website/bio: If you have then narrowed it down to a couple of stylists/salons, take a look at their website/facebook. Do they look current? Are they fashionable? Does it look like a child designed it? Look at the pictures of the stylists, the work they’ve done. Are there any bios that stand out? Are any of the stylists interesting? You’ll be talking to them for a while so it would be nice to pick one you share interests with.
Consultation: Once you’ve chosen one, you have the option to make a consultation. Or you can jump right in and make an appointment. If you make a consultation it only takes about ten minutes and is usually free. When you go to the salon, take note of how the salon looks, how the stylists look, and how the overall vibe of the salon is. Is the stylist professional? Are they well groomed? Is this person someone you trust with your style? Do they carry themselves well? Do they look nervous?
Questions you can ask: Do they have any specialties? How are they with curly hair/straight hair? How long have they been doing hair?
This process isn’t for everyone. It takes a little research and time, but it pays off in the end. If you don’t want to or can’t put in the time, you can just skip to the appointment step. If you walk in and don’t like the vibe of the salon or person, just tell them you only want one inch off. That’s hard to mess up.
Good Luck!