Coconut Oil: What can it do for your hair?

So we’ve all been hearing the hype about the benefits that coconut oil can have on practically every aspect of our lives, but are there any magical effects that this natural product can have on our hair? Actually the answer to that is yes, And i have all the facts you need!

Scientifically, the benefits of this “wonder fat” on our hair strands and scalp are astounding. The main benefits being that it can reduce the amount of natural protein loss on damaged or undamaged hair, along with being an excellent moisturizer. One of the main reasons for its remarkable protein saving properties is the unimitable chemical makeup of its molecules. Coconut oil is a triglyceride of Lauric acid, which is very attracted to our own hair proteins. It is almost magnetized to our hair, unlike sunflower and mineral oils (both of which are used in traditional conditioning methods and formulas). Also Coconut Oil’s low molecular weight and straight linear bonding structure produces sleek and shiny strands that are never oily or weighed down.

Now that you know why you should use Coconut oil in your hair care regimen, I can tell you what to buy (or even better, what NOT to buy). The four characteristics to look for when purchasing your new home hair remedy are:
– Extra Virgin
– Non – Hydrogenated
– No Added Fragrances or Colors
– Non-bleached

Now I have given you all the basic information about what this terrific triglyceride can do for your hair, but there is still one missing piece to the puzzle. How do you actually use this as a hair product?! For starters dampen your hair, this will help  you conserve your product (if hair is really damaged skip this step, and start with dry hair). Use a small amount at first (about the size of a quarter); a little of this stuff goes a long way!  Apply the oil to the mid-shafts and ends of your hair first. Then comb through hair with a wide tooth comb or wet brush (we recommend a Knot Genie!), starting at roots and combing through to ends. You can tie your hair up if you like, but be sure to keep it loose with no tension on your tender tresses! This treatment can be left on for as little as ten minutes, or you can make it an overnight treatment for really intense results. When your conditioning is done, finish the process by shampooing and conditioning as your normally would. Once your hair is dried you can use a very small amount to tame frizzes and fly-aways.

These are a few other things you can do with your jar of new-found nutrients:

  • Rehydrate Dry Skin
  • Remove Waterproof Mascara and other Makeup
  • Clean Sticky Messes (Use as a Substitute for GOO-Gone)
  • Cook with it for Liver and Digestive Health


Tisha Breaux ...Love is in the Hair!

Tisha Breaux
…Love is in the Hair!