How do you know you’re really getting a deal or discount? Let’s explore groupons, happy hours and percentage based discounts.

Concepts such as Groupon and Living Social are awesome in theory and certainly effective in retail situations, but concerning services such as facials and highlights (just to name a few) caution should be taken. Sometimes these deals are offered by experienced professionals,  but more often then not they are used as a clientele building tool for less experienced newer stylists, massage therapists ect. Most of the time the service provider is not actually getting paid for your discounted service, rather the company they work for splits the service cost with Groupon 50/50, so be sure to tip your provider. The trend of Groupon and similar deal finding services has led a lot of consumers to bounce from salon to salon, never enabling them to find a real “hair home”, always in search of a deal. Groupons can certainly lead you to the right service, but if you truly love the results you should revisit that provider at your next need, making your deal worth while to them and increasing your chance of another good service. Put more simply-these deals are a gamble.

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Happy Hour deals and discounts in restaurants, tanning salons and hair studios simply imply a separate time of day or night to provide high quality services and products at a discounted price, but only within the set times and days. Sometimes this discounts is achieved through offering services and products a LA carte, rather than including possibly unnecessary additions. For example at Salon Liquid, if you don’t need a fancy blowout in addition to your new color, you could save quite a bit of money on your service at Happy Hour, by purchasing a color service a LA carte.

Percentage based discounts tend to occur as “specials” or “sales” but not as a constant. Stylists will sometimes gift a percentage discount to a new client, a loyal client and even for referrals.  Products occasionally go on sale based on a percentage off of the normal cost.

Be a smart consumer  and if you want a good deal you should visit Salon Liquid in Boulder during Happy Hour.