commission hair stylist

Finding the Right Stylist


Boulder Commission Hair Stylist vs. Booth Renting Stylist

When searching for a new stylist there are factors other than ability and price to consider. More often than ever before hairdressers are divided into two categories, commission hair stylist and “booth renting” stylists. These two vary greatly on issues such as quality guarantees, salon policies and training.

What happens if you need your service re-done? Maybe your highlights aren’t bright enough or you wanted your bangs a touch shorter. To a commission stylist these situations are usually no big deal, because they have the support of their team and their management to make the consumer happy. Of course you always want to refer to the specific salons policies, but typically they protect you as the consumer, assuring your most perfect service. In most cases because commission stylists work as a team, if you didn’t want your hair re-done by the original stylist you have the option to see someone else including the owner. In contrast, booth renting stylists are free agents and are not held to any particular standard. They do not have to guarantee your satisfaction and do not tend to work in a unit with additional help.

Knowing that a self employed hairdresser is the captain of their own ship, a lot of the time they are not exposed to continued advanced education simply because it is expensive to run your own solo business and equally as expensive to fund education. A major benifit  to visiting a comission stylist is their training. Because of the support through more widespread hair care sales,  the company that they work for can affford continued education for the whole team.

Visiting an educated hairdresser greatly increases your chances of a happy experience during and after your service. This is merely a guide to help you understand some of the differences between the types of hairdressers you may encounter. An amazing stylist can be found anywhere, happy hunting!