In the Pussy Waxing Parlor we use the finest depilatory waxes ever made. Cirepil is unique because its products are user-friendly and client comfortable. The “Original” Cirepil Blue wax is ideal for normal to oily skin types, for use on face, underarms, neck, bikini ,and Brazilian wax services. Great encapsulating results on all hair lengths and textures. Heats at a low temperature and it contains jojoba oil for client comfort.

We offer the most cost competitive, comfortable, high end Brazilian Bikini Wax in Boulder! Our soothing wax room is seriously sterile and our staff commands attention to detail.

Same day waxing appointments or walk-ins available.

Hard wax is our specialty!
We are the only complete waxing salon for men in Boulder.

Open Daily • 10am – 10pm

Our waxing professionals would love to schedule your appointment and are available everyday from 10am to 10pm at (303) 444-4446


Cheek Wax…..$15
Chin Wax……$15
Disco Nose (Inner nose was)……$25
Ear Wax (Inside & out, both ears)…..$25
Eyebrow Wax…..$12+


Arm Wax(Front & back, up & down)…..$35+
Back Wax (To top of shoulders)…..$45+
Chest Wax (Shoulder to shoulder)…..$45+
Macho Manscaping (Wax & clipper)…..$75/hour
Half Leg Wax…..$35+
Full Leg Wax…..$65+
Stomach Wax…..$20+
Underarm Wax…..$25


Awesome Ainsley: The bum and his “awesome” one eye (Anus wax)…..$35+
Barely Bob: We serve only the finest gentlemen, waxing the naughty bits…..$75+
Kitty Cat (Brazilian bikini wax) Don’t “meow” too loud, this is the whole enchilada and the backside (Anus included)…..$45
Natural Nancy: Bikini line waxing (Panties on)…..$20
Pretty Patch: Custom dying of your prettiest vagina parts…..$50

Speciality Services

Playboy Bunny Tan (Full body airbrush)…..$25
Acne Facial (Custom care, extractions, peels, & stem cell rejuvenation therapy)…..$45+
DNA Facial (Cryostem cell therapy)…..$65