Tipping Your Hairdesser

“Hair Affair”

Tipping Your Hairdresser
Tipping is a very old practice, but it remains a source of debate and confusion for many. Overall, it should be based on your comfort level and the quality of the service you feel you have received.
If you are getting your hair done for the first time by someone new, tipping 15% is absolutely ok. If you’ve developed a relationship with your hairstylists, we suggest you tip at least 20%, even 25%. While it may seem like this is a lot, your hairstylist spends 1-2 hrs on your hair, they deserve a proper thank you!

While you may be focused on tipping your hairstylist, don’t forget to give a few dollars to the other stylists who helped. If you had someone wash your hair that’s different than your stylist, you should always give them $4-6 as a thank you.
Tipping Your Hairdresser

Be a good TIPPER

Tipping the Owner

Think the owner of the salon shouldn’t be tipped? Turns out that’s an old tradition. It is customary to ti
p owners today and they also appreciate and will accept 15 to 25 percent.

TIPPING FOR FREEBIES and Discounted Services

Some salons will offer a free bang trim or complimentary trim that accompanies their original service. If this is the case, make sure you tip a little. They are giving you a free service (and let’s face it, nothing is free) so by thanking them for going above and beyond is key.  Salons sometimes offer coupons and discounts on their services. If you are receiving a service at a discount, in our case “Happy Hour”, you should tip on full price. For example, if a full price haircut is $55.00 dollars and you are receiving our Happy Hour discount  where the haircut is $35.00, your tip should be a minimum of 15-20% which is an $8-11 dollar tip.

Tipping Your Hairdresser

Just remember, we know everything!

Salon Etiquette

Get off your phones! If you’re in the midst of a service, we suggest you keep your phone away. Not only should you enjoy your service but for the stylist trying to communicate with you there is nothing worse. Many have expressed concern that someone on their phone is a recipe for a haircut disaster.  Be aware the the consultation is constant during the service, so that all are satisfied with the end results.
Show up on time for your service, and if your running late, call the salon to make sure the stylist will be able to accommodate you.
If you come with your sweet children, please be responsible for their behaviours and actions. We have very expensive and possibly dangerous tools that could cause harm to your child and our stylist chairs are not Monkey bars or merry go rounds and weigh around 100 lbs and could potentially crush a small child if tipped over.

Tipping Your Hairdressers
Overall, everyone wants to enjoy the experience, your stylist and you. We offer you our expertise and education to make your experience one you will want to talk enthusiastically about to your friends and family. So, why not make sure you take care of your stylist if you LOVE what they have done for you.
Refer to the tip calculator below if you are unsure how much to add to your services.
Tipping Your Hairdresser

You put your trust in us, so tip us!